This is the clearance section of our site, all masks are perfect just sadly we cannot get any more fabric to continue these lines or they have the old elastic ear straps
.Take advantage of a massive saving , be aware some lines have plain elastic straps and some adjustable.
You are buying these products as they are.  There full price counterparts will be sold at full price i their respective sections on the site.

Our Australian Made Personal Masks have been designed by the highest quality materials and Constructions methods.Made of either Polyester/Cotton or 100% Cotton.They feature the following :Washable Fabric-that we recommend you wash every day of continual wear[washing instructions below]Have a full filtration Fabric Layer: The outer layer has been bonded with a filtration layer that will retart the penetration od moisture and droplets passing through to your face.Facial coverage: our deisgn will cover 80% of your face from the base of your chin to above your nose and over your cheeks, with a minimum amount of gaps for greater protection.While at the same time to be breathable and comfortable.Mouldable Nose Guard: to give maximum comfort , our mouldanble nose guard gives you a snugger fit.Elasticated Ear Loops : to give ease of wear.


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  • Wash Seperately OR Hand wash with mild detergent.

    Do Not Tumble dry.DO NOT BLEACH.

    Hang in Shade.Iron with a warn iron .