WE HAVE CREATED OUR DOUBLE FILTERED Hi-Visibility Constrcucions Masks, specifically for Construction and Tradesman/woman who require  additional protection from Droplet and vapour contamination, due to the settings they work in .
We have created a Mask with a double Filter that had a 98% Moisture retardant, In addition each mask has a High Visibility band across the face for addition Visibility , in busy and crowded settings. I addition the following features are inclusive of this model
 These Masks come standard with the following features: This range has been made of a 100% Cotton  is fast drying and crease resistant. 
* Ear Loops are made from 6mm Elastic ,with an adjustable feature, so you can adjust the fit to make it more relaxed or more snug.
They feature all the standard Features of the Love Laugh and Light Collective’s listed below:
*Washable Fabric-that we recommend you wash every day of continual wear*
*Have a double full filtration Fabric Layer: Both the outer layer and under layer has been bonded with a filtration layer that will retard the penetration of moisture and droplets passing through to your face, by 98%.
*Facial coverage: our design will cover 80% of your face from the base of your chin to above your nose and over your cheeks, with a minimum amount of gaps for greater protection.While at the same time to be breathable and comfortable, we are offering a practical and functional mask.*Mouldable Nose Guard: to give maximum comfort , our mouldable nose guard gives you a snugger fit.* 6mm adjustable  Ear Loops : for  a more custom fit.

They are available in the following size variants
 *Pixie  [12-14  years/ Petite Woman ]
*Womans /Small Mens / Teenage 
*Mens with a regular to Broad jawline.


  • Wash Seperately OR Hand wash with mild detergent.

    Do Not Tumble dry.DO NOT BLEACH.

    Hang in Shade.Iron with a warn iron .